Can You Post Links In Youtube Comments

Putting links in YouTube comments is a way to promote your websites, channels or videos. You see these types of comments all the time and there is a lot of variation between them; For example, some contain the link and say “Hey check out my channel!” while others contain a large paragraph of text about the content creator and their background.

As stated above, most creators use automatic blocking of these comments, but spam always finds a way out.

Get a link to a specific YouTube comment

Open YouTube in your desktop browser.

How do I add a link in a YouTube comment?

  • This is a very simple procedure of putting a link directly to the YouTube comment.
  • Go to
  • Open the video that has the most likes and views. So that your comment can be seen by many people.
  • Go to the site or video you want to add a link to. Copy the link to this site or video to your clipboard.
  • The next step is to go back to the comments section of the video. You opened in the first step.
  • Write your comment and paste the link using the Ctrl+V command.
  • Post the comment and you will see your link published.

Why paste links in YouTube comments?

YouTube comments are an important part of YouTube. It is necessary to increase the number of comments, and many people have started to use different ways of doing it, which takes away from originality. Most of these links only focus on getting upvotes, but they do very little for the video itself. Apart from this, other reasons are given below.

  • To draw attention to the video and promote it
  • To get more upvotes by commenting on the video
  • To create more traffic to your website
  • When the link works on Youtube, to share it with people on other sites and forums for free dissemination.
  • To improve search engine rankings
  • Sometimes the link doesn’t work, and when it doesn’t, that’s how you know the video is copyrighted.
  • To improve placement of videos on youtube.
  • To direct visitors to your website for more information.

YouTube Terms of Service and Violation

Comment links less than 30 times a day or briefly stop commenting with hyperlinks. The YouTube algorithm flags spam and it will be visible to you. If you add links frequently, the creator may remove the link that is not favorable for you.

YouTube does not allow direct link comments and they are removed immediately. But many websites create specific links on the internet that you can post without blocking or de-randomizing.

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