How To Create Highlights On Instagram Without Posting

Since there is no direct way, you need to follow the steps carefully.

If you have a public profile, change it to a private profile for twenty-four hours. But if you already have a private profile, skip to the next section.

How to download an Instagram Highlight cover without adding it to your story?

Now that you know how to create highlights on Instagram, how to add highlights on Instagram, and how to add highlights without adding to story, let’s see if it’s possible to download an Instagram Highlights cover without adding to your story. The answer is yes, you can download your Instgarm highlight cover by tapping on any of your Instagram highlights. Then you need to choose “Edit Highlight” and “Edit Cover” to add a new cover icon directly to Featured. Be careful, this way you don’t need to share this cover on your Instagram story.

Above I explained how to add highlights without adding to the story, and how to put highlights on Instagram without a story. Now if you weren’t able to do that, the only reason is that you didn’t wait the 24 hours you need after posting the video. Be careful, if you deleted the video before 24 hours, you will again not be able to add the story to your Featured section. Read on and find out how to move highlights on Instagram and how to remove highlights on Instagram.

Create a “close friends” list

Creating a close friends list on Instagram is like creating a VIP list for a party you’re throwing.

You can select how few people can see the highlight you are going to create.

Upload the story to your profile

Because you changed the privacy settings of the story, nobody will be able to see your story unless you have left some exceptions. So, download the story as usual.

After publishing the story, you can now add it to the Featured section of your profile. Tap on your story and select Feature, on the next screen choose existing highlights or create a new one.

Start by going private

Taking your Instagram profile private limits who can see your profile and posts. It allows you to control who can see your posts and profile. To make your profile private,

  1. Touch the profile icon on your home page to access the profile page.
  2. Click the Menu icon.
  3. Select the Settings cogwheel.
  4. Click Privacy.
  5. Activate the private account button.

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