How To Find More Tile Posts In Facebook

This is why some friends’ photos still show up on your Facebook timeline: Kite Media decided to take a closer look and we found some surprising factors why you’ll see some friends’ photos appearing on the photo. more often from your friends box on your profile. Facebook’s algorithm looks at many factors to determine which friends appear first. These factors include:

  • Facebook interactions. Recently and over time. Recent interactions play a big role, especially if someone recently viewed your profile page.
  • Profile views. They viewed your profile and/or you viewed your profile: total number of views compared to other friends’ profile views.
  • Tagged photos. Photos you’ve been tagged in or your friends have been tagged in.
  • Messages on the wall. Has this person posted on your wall recently, or have you on theirs?
  • I like it. Did they like your content or did you like theirs?
  • Comments. In your posts or comments you made on your friends’ wall posts or photos.
  • Viewed photos. They have seen your photos and/or you have seen theirs.
  • Currently online. Friends who are currently online or have been online recently. This generally applies to the random people that may appear.
  • Messenger. Facebook messenger conversations with each other.
  • Mutual interactions. Between you and your friends will probably play a bigger role in determining your 9 “closest” friends.
  • “Close friends”. If you have added friends to your “Close Friends” group, usually at least 2 of those people will show up in the 9 friends area.

Instagram is testing multiple links in bios

Hootsuite noted that Instagram has been testing the option to add multiple links to user bios. The test is not widely available, but some creators have already been seen using the feature. If implemented, it would make it easier for brands and creators to share links to different top pieces of content instead of having to choose a single link.

Fast Social Media Image Sizes

We go into more detail for each network below, but this image includes the social media image sizes you’re probably looking for most often.

Company Page profile image: 180×180 (displays 170×170 on desktop)

Facebook recently changed their profile image so that company pages company appear on the left side of the screen. The new look and feel helps make Facebook business pages stand out from personal accounts. However, the dimensions are the same, but the photo appears on the page slightly different.

What is the best size for a Facebook post?

Facebook recommends 1200 x 630 pixels for sharing images or links. However, it doesn’t give you the best impact for your photos or graphics.

Good to know: Facebook photo posts offer a lot of flexibility. You are not limited to a specific pixel size or shape.

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