How To Find Posts You Liked On Facebook

If you are an iPhone user, follow the steps below to view your Facebook Likes.

  1. Tap the three-line menu button in the corner of the screen (bottom right for iOS, top right for Android)
    1. Finding posts you like on facebook desktop

      Finding liked posts works the same even if you do it on Facebook Desktop. There are some slight variations in the steps involved here.

      To find posts you like in Facebook desktop mode, follow these steps:

      On desktop

      • Open Facebook on your phone.
      • Click on the icon with the three horizontal stripes.
      • Click Settings & Privacy.
      • Go to Settings.
      • Scroll down to the Activity Log section.
      • Go to this journal.
      • Find the post you liked at that moment.

      To view it, touch the particular record and the message will open on the screen. Facebook’s Activity Log is organized chronologically, with the dates you performed these actions. If you remember the date, all you have to do is search for that specific day on which you liked a photo or comment on the social network.

      On desktop

      Just like on mobile, the first step to seeing all your Facebook likes is to visit your profile page. To sign in, tap your name in the blue band at the top of any Facebook page.

      Once you get to your profile, click the View Activity Log button to the right of your profile photo. To filter your journal to see only the things you liked, click the Like button in the left column of the screen.

      On iOS or Android

      • Launch the Facebook app on your phone.
      • Log in to your Facebook account.
      • Tap the menu button on the bottom right for iOS or on the top right for Android (the 3 line icon).
      • Your name will appear at the top of the Tap It menu.
      • Click the Activity Log button below your profile picture.
      • A screen will appear showing a list of activities ordered by year. Select one of them and you will find a list of all your actions on Facebook that year.
      • Also, we need to filter likes only. Hit the Filter button at the top, then click Like.
      • You will return to the main activity log screen. You can click on the calendar at any time to see similar events from that time period.
      • Also, if you want to dislike a post or even something you don’t want, tap the down arrow to the right of the item, and then tap Dislike.
      • Also, if you’ve liked a page on Facebook, you can hide the likes from your timeline to make sure no one else can see them.

      It’s great to see all the posts you like on Facebook in one place. Maybe you liked the post and now you would like to read it again and see it again; however, Facebook’s search function does not allow you to do this. These methods will allow you to view the message.

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