How To Hide Posts From Someone On Instagram Without Blocking

If you post a story regularly, there will be people or accounts you want to hide your story from. Fortunately, this is also possible in the updated Instagram app on IOS and Android. To do this:

  • Open the account you want to hide your Instagram story from
  • Click the vertical or horizontal three-dot menu for Android and IOS respectively to open the options
  • There you will see an option that says “Hide your story”. Click on it and you will see another window pop up. Click “Hide” from there and the person will no longer see your stories

3 ways to hide Instagram posts from certain followers

looking for a way to hide certain posts and stories of his followers.

This could have happened to anyone, especially if you are a celebrity or an influencer. You accept the following requests because you need followers to grow your account. And then the same subscribers make you think ten times before posting content. These users can be trolls, spammers or bullies.

How to hide someone’s Instagram post without blocking it?

One of the best features available on Instagram is the close friends list. By using this feature, you can only share your stories with selected people. Unfortunately, this feature is not available to hide your posts.

Here’s how,

How to prevent someone from seeing your Instagram posts without blocking them

If you don’t want to see Instagram posts from someone, you can block or mute them. To mute someone, go to their profile and click the three dots in the top right corner of the message. Then select “Mute this account.”

Yes, you can hide from someone on Instagram. To do this, open the person’s profile and tap on the three dots in the top right corner. from the screen. Tap “Hide from this user” and they will no longer be able to see her posts or stories.

Method: Set your profile to private

One way to hide your posts from a specific user on Instagram is to set your profile to private. This limits who can see your old and new Instagram posts, which can be a privacy issue for some.

To set your Instagram profile to private via the Instagram app on your phone or tablet, follow these steps:

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