How To Post 4k Video On Instagram

Instagram is now one of the largest social media platforms in the world. It brings together massive celebrities and ordinary netizens to share their travel videos and Vlogs about their families, friends or cute puppies. And in most cases, people record those moments in 4K with their modern cameras, 4K-enabled smartphones, or powerful drones. Check out some of the best Instagram accounts to see what we’re talking about.

What is 4K? It’s high-resolution at nearly 4,000 pixels wide to show more detail in the frames, like the eyelashes of a baby, the texture of a delicate plate, and every movement of a swaying leaf. The question is, is it possible to achieve such quality on Instagram, with the recent rumors that Instagram is lowering the quality of photos on iOS?

Enabling high-quality photo and video uploads on Instagram

Although Instagram seems to take pains to hide this feature by default, there is an easy way to enable high-quality uploads. Deep in the settings menu of your Instagram app, you’ll find an easy way to change your upload preferences.

By enabling this setting, your photos and videos will not undergo any quality changes when you download them. It is possible to change this setting on Android or iOS; the instructions for each are similar but slightly different. See below.

how to upload 4k to Instagram

To upload a 4K video to Instagram, you’ll need to compress it into a format supported by the app. We recommend using the H.264 codec with a bit rate of at least 20 Mbps. Once the video is ready, follow these steps: Open Instagram and tap the plus icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. Select the Video option and then press the Library button.

To upload 4K quality to Instagram, you must have a phone or device capable of capturing 4K video. Then, when editing your post, select “4K” in the quality options.

Once you’ve uploaded your video, be sure to click “Post Preview” to ensure the video not only gets posted to your IGTV, but also gets a view preview on your Instagram feed in the best possible quality. This is especially important to ensure your feed maintains its consistent aesthetic.

Choosing the perfect thumbnail is very important because IGTV shows a rectangular thumbnail, but Instagram crops the photo to make it square when it appears in your feed. Disclaimer: Instagram doesn’t allow you to edit your thumbnail after you post it, so it’s important to perfect it first.

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