How To Post A Whole Tiktok On Instagram Story

Even after the launch of Instagram Reels, it was rumored that Instagram would ban its users from sharing TikTok videos that had a TikTok watermark. This no longer seems to be the case at the time of writing, as in our tests we were able to easily post TikTok videos to Instagram even with the TikTok watermark. So yes, you can post TikTok videos to your Instagram Story.

If you are having trouble posting videos to Instagram stories because of the TikTok watermark, you can simply use third-party apps to download the videos without the watermark.

How to post a full tiktok on Instagram story?

Yes, you can post full videos to Instagram story.

Yes, you can put TikToks on Instagram story. Just like you would any other video, tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen to add it to your story.

Why can’t I share TikTok on Instagram?

Unlike YouTube, Instagram doesn’t let you post full TikTok videos to your story. This is mainly because TikTok is owned by a rival company, Facebook, and Instagram doesn’t want users to post content to the apps. To fix this problem, you need to post your TikTok videos in landscape mode. Alternatively, you can create a longer video and post it in landscape mode.

If you want to share your video with a friend, you can use the screen recording feature. Most mobile devices have this feature. This way, you can share your video with any friend without having to worry about privacy settings. You can also upload a copy of your video to Facebook or email it to your friends. But you can’t share your TikTok story on Instagram until you make it private.

How to share TikTok videos to Instagram story

There is a button on TikTok where you can directly share the video to your Instagram story. If you couldn’t try method #2 below. Make sure the video is public. If the owner makes it private or unshareable, you can’t download or share it anywhere else.

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