How To Read Facebook Long Post With Background

If you live your life on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed an avalanche of additional colors in your feed over the past few months. You’ll scroll through your friends’ messages to discover a giant colored box surrounding one of their messages.

Since late 2016, Facebook has been experimenting with a new feature that lets you add colored backgrounds to your posts. When you’re done writing the post, Facebook gives you the option to select a background color for your post, which then surrounds your content in an impossible-to-ignore neon box.

Add/Change Facebook Status Background Color

We’ll first see how it works in the web browser and then on the mobile phone. The steps are simple: 1. In your web browser, open Facebook, click on “What’s on your mind” to update your status -> Click on “Aa Background Color” option. You will see “8 different solid and radiant colors”, just select one of them as your background color and write your text for the status and post-it. You can refer to the video tutorial and GIF image below for a practical understanding. 2. On a mobile device, if you haven’t updated the Facebook app, you need to update it first. Now open Facebook app -> Go to “What’s on your mind” -> It will show you “8 different background colors and images”, just select one of them, write your status and post it. You can refer to the video tutorial and GIF image below for a practical understanding.

Note: You can also watch the video tutorial of only 2 minutes to better understand:

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Posting text status updates on Facebook is tedious. A collection of alphabets arranged in a certain order to create words. You should use Facebook backgrounds to liven things up. It allows you to choose one of many different background colors to make your message look more attractive in the status update. Do you want to know how to add custom backgrounds to your Facebook posts? You can also create your own designs with Blue Sky Graphics’ online graphic design course. We’ll teach you how to use Adobe programs to create amazing designs. Keep reading this article to learn how to create amazing backgrounds for Facebook.

How to add a background to a Facebook post on the web

The steps are simple, but choose the right one on background of your post is not.

Step 1: Open Facebook in your favorite browser and “What’s on your mind, name?” » Click on the empty area. You’ll find it next to your profile photo below the header in the middle of the screen. This will open the Create Post popup window.

Choose the background

Facebook will display several options for you to explore. Choose the background you like from the suggestions.

If you don’t like one, click the square button on the far right. You will now see all the available backgrounds organized into categories.

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