How To Unreport A Post On Instagram

So, can you unflag a post on Instagram? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Once reported, you cannot cancel the report because the application does not have the functionality to cancel it. The good news though is that Instagram doesn’t remove or remove content after a single report (because it might be a bug, like in your case).

Once the report ticket is generated, it goes through a review process by the Instagram team to see if it actually violates a removal policy. So don’t worry. If you accidentally reported someone’s content that isn’t inappropriate or worth reporting, Instagram won’t remove it because the post won’t get enough reports

What’s wrong? Happens when you report an Instagram account

When you click on the “Report Account” option on Instagram, you will be presented with two options, you will be given the option to specify the reason why you are reporting said account. Let’s take a look at the two options and what they mean when you select them.

Selecting this option will block the user’s content from your feed. Once you tap this option, you won’t be able to see your content and they won’t be able to see your content either.

What posts to flag on Instagram?

Since Instagram has made the flagging feature very intentional, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll flag a post by accident or without giving it much thought.

However, there are no metrics to measure what message may offend you or go against your morality. Here are some things you can report a post as your opinion for:

Instagram Spam

When you report an account, you’ll see two options. The first is “It’s spam.” Clicking on it will automatically block the reported account, so you will no longer see their content and they will not be able to see yours.

An account is considered spam if it posts excessively, posts a lot of comments (usually irrelevant that don’t make sense), or similar behavior that isn’t genuine.

Option 1: Via Instagram

For those using the Instagram app, here are the steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your device .
  2. Then go to the profile icon and click on it.
  3. After landing on your profile page, click on the three lines at the top.
  4. Now click on settings.
  5. In the settings section, click the “Help” option.
  6. Next, click Support Requests found on the Help menu.
  7. After that, you need to click reports to see all the posts you have reported so far.

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