How To Change Post Date In Instagram

You can’t change the Instagram post date. In the post editing option, you can edit the post title, image alt text or you can tag people. When you upload content for an Instagram post, the date and time it was posted is taken automatically. And, this date is indicated at the bottom of your message. … Read more

How To Post Weed On Instagram Without Getting Deleted

The medical use of marijuana in California has been legal since 1996, but cannabis dealers still face difficulties marketing their products on social media due to its federal illegality. Many social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook in particular, shut down cannabis related content and deactivate accounts promoting any form of THC product. However, we were … Read more

How To Unreport A Post On Instagram

So, can you unflag a post on Instagram? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Once reported, you cannot cancel the report because the application does not have the functionality to cancel it. The good news though is that Instagram doesn’t remove or remove content after a single report (because it might be a bug, like in … Read more

How To Find More Tile Posts In Facebook

This is why some friends’ photos still show up on your Facebook timeline: Kite Media decided to take a closer look and we found some surprising factors why you’ll see some friends’ photos appearing on the photo. more often from your friends box on your profile. Facebook’s algorithm looks at many factors to determine which … Read more

How To Find Liked Posts On Facebook

Do you know or remember all the posts that you have liked on Facebook? Tracking is impossible, especially if you are a regular user of the platform. The good thing is that Facebook helps you remember by keeping a tab on everything you interacted with on Facebook in terms of comments and likes. How to … Read more

How To Find Posts You Liked On Facebook

If you are an iPhone user, follow the steps below to view your Facebook Likes. Tap the three-line menu button in the corner of the screen (bottom right for iOS, top right for Android) Finding posts you like on facebook desktop Finding liked posts works the same even if you do it on Facebook Desktop. … Read more

How To Post Yard Sale On Facebook

You may notice that there is no garage sale category on Facebook. It is usually the result of a glitch in the application; try again later and it should show up. If not, you can always try one of the other alternatives mentioned above. Include your garage sale as an event or as a status … Read more