How To Rearrange Instagram Posts 2022

Now the big question is: “Which photos should I put next to each other?” Easy! First things first: how Instagram grids work Square logo, square images, square ads. All this squaring had to result in a grid format for each profile. But then someone saw the big picture. HOW TO REORDER INSTAGRAM PHOTOS ONCE POSTED … Read more

How To Unhide Posts On Instagram

Again, follow the same step and navigate to the archive folder. Access your profile by tapping on the bottom right of your mobile phone or on the top right of the Instagram website. Press Press Archive. Here you will find stories and post archives in a drop down menu. Select the publication files. How can … Read more

How To Post Gofundme On Instagram

Can I share GoFundMe on Instagram? Yes, your GoFundMe campaign can be shared on Instagram and you can also post it on other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. How to add a GoFundMe link on Instagram? There is no single solution to this, as the ideal approach for posting a GoFundMe link on … Read more

Can Employers See Deleted Facebook Posts

If you think that the message, post or tweet you sent on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will not be discovered, you are wrong! If you take legal action, even if it is personal legal action or any other legal action, content on social media is considered public. So if it’s public, it can be discovered. … Read more

Can You Backdate Instagram Posts

So you can’t change the date of already published or new Instagram posts, but you can get rid of them if you don’t want anyone to see them. The most drastic solution is of course to delete the Instagram post. When you delete the photo or video from Instagram, it will not be deleted automatically. … Read more

How To Save Tiktok Without Posting

If you like creating video content on TikTok, you will use it a lot. However, if you prefer to save your content to your phone before posting, you can do so by following these simple steps. Here we will show you simple steps on how you can save your TikTok video without posting it to … Read more

Can You Post Links In Youtube Comments

Putting links in YouTube comments is a way to promote your websites, channels or videos. You see these types of comments all the time and there is a lot of variation between them; For example, some contain the link and say “Hey check out my channel!” while others contain a large paragraph of text about … Read more

How To See Friends Deleted Posts On Facebook

When you delete a Facebook post, it is removed from the Facebook application and its servers. But some things can be removed when you delete your account. I will show how to view and recover messages that have been deleted on Facebook. If you want to retrieve Facebook posts from your timeline. How to find … Read more